Friday, December 23, 2011

Pre- Christmas

I know there's still 2 days left until Christmas, but the boyfriend and I couldn't help but have our own little pre- Christmas celebration! I must have been a good girl this year cuz I'm feeling a little spoiled! I already received some other presents as well and I'm definitely feeling the love! Honestly, I haven't felt this much Christmas lovin' since I was a little kid <3!! [I'm usually the gift giver not so much the receiver]

Happy Holidays!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's Cookie Time!

AND.... it finally hit me. Working, shopping, late nights prepping etc. etc. etc = Holidays!! I'm having a Cookie Party with the homies tonight and I cannot wait! I've been wanting to do a cookie party forever and it's finally happening! Hopefully everything turns out well ;] Will definitely keep you posted!

4 days left till Christmas Folks!

- LaceShoulderShirt: H&M
- LeatherVest: Bebe
- Headband+Tights: F21
- Wedges+Purse: LAMB

Friday, December 16, 2011

Where has the time gone

WOW. It's one week until Christmas Eve and 8 days until Christmas Day! Remember the days when we were kids and thought it took f o r e v e r for Christmas to arrive?! Now as an adult I can't even seem to keep track of the days of the week! Anywhoo, en route to do some shopping with whatever's left in the stores and hopefully hit up some last minute sales!

on another note... if I were a boy or wore kicks in general, these babies would be mine!

- ElbowPatchCardi: My Brothers
- StripedTee: H&M
- BothScarves (head/neck): My Mommas
- CrossBodyBag: VintageGucci
- Boots: Thrifted

- Courtesy of the cousin: JohnEd.

Monday, December 12, 2011

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas...

Pardon moi with my absences. It's been a few weeks full of Christmas: Parties, Shopping, Coffee... and FUN! I def intend on keeping you all up to date with all that I've been up to! I must say, it's been soooo nice to see everyone in the Holiday Spirit, both blogworld and just in life!

My BFF, RobbieGirl came to visit and I definitely couldn't imagine kicking off the holiday season than with this chicka right here, in the middle of all the Christmas Madness at SF's Union Square with some SoyPeppermintWhiteMochas and lots of Girltalk <3!

Happy Holidays!!

- CrochetKnitSweater+ MaxiSkirt+PleatherMoto: F21
- Hat: BoutiqueFind
- ChunkyNecklace+Purse: Thrifted

- TallKnitButtonUp+PleaterMoto: H&M
- PatternedTights+TyeDyeCircleScarf: MP
- Beanie: F21
- VintageSkinnyBelt: Thrifted
- Wedges: LAMB
- Purse: MarcByMarcJacobs