Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloweeney, Love Teeney!




Here are a grip of pictures from Halloween's past. ALL of which were celebrated at my BFF's RobbieGirl's pad. This girl is CrayyyCray (crazy) about Halloween! If she could, she would celebrate all year long, all 365 days of the year!!
Anywhoo, hope you all had a wonderful evening full of fun and especially full of CANDY!

2010- No theme
My costume: Pirate/ Wench

Bebe: Evil CircusRingLeader

Marbs: Baseball Player

2009- No Theme
Me + Marbs: DIY Cave women

Bebe: Marie Antoinette

Na: Ladybug + Vic: Cleopatra

2008- Villains Theme
Me: Catwoman

Marbs: Freddy Krueger

Bebe: Hitler

Vic: Vicious Witch

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Just like when we were kids, Jam and I were matching! Back in the day, our moms loved buying us the same dresses in different colors, similar styles etc. This one Sunday we matched! Well... not exactly, but we were both wearing Florals =]

TrenchCoat: H&M/ FloralDress: H&MGardenCollection/
TaupeRuffleHeels: SteveMadden/ HorseshoeNecklace: HouseOfHarlow

BlackCardi: NY&Co/ PurpleRuffleTop+BrownBelt: H&M/ FloralSkirt: Nordy's/ TaupeOxfords: F21/ Necklace: Gifted

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

City by the Bay

One of the many reasons whyyyy I Heart SF!!! On a chilly Friday night I went on a boat dinner with my family and had thee best of times (as always when I'm with them!) Pictures were taken by myself and my brothers <3

LBD+BlackMotoPleater: H&M/ PolkaDotStockings: MP/
GoldChainBelt: AX/ ChainLinkedPurse: Prada/ MagentaSuedePumps: SteveMadden

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Good till it lasted..

Ohh SF, you never fail on your roller coaster- like weather patterns. This was taken during our "Indian Summer" during the fall... and now, back to the cold it is!

PurpleBurnOutTank+AcidWashDenmMini: AX/
WhiteTubeTop/ WhiteTeeWedges: Nordys/
Necklaces: F21+HouseOfHarlow/ Tote: Gucci

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

F that!!!!

It's been about 2 weeks since my bff, F's birthday and I'm just NOW posting pics... fail. Anywhoo, dinner with my bff's nothing but thee best!

How we pretend to be....

How we REALLY are! hahaha


Macaroons: Miette's

he had to bust them out for the birthday FTW though! haha

Mazetti's Cupcakes!

Happy Birthday Bro!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Surprise Chowder

Here's a random Friday night from a little while ago; a night from having the weather go from being super Hot to super Not. And definitely a good night to chow down on some good'ol clam chowder! Which is where I was taken as a surprise dinner! (I loveee surprises and he's definitely good at giving them ;] ) Went to Sam's Chowder house in Half Moon Bay and loved it! As soon as you enter a band was playing, the service was good and the food yummy! Then just watched a dvd and called it a night! Let's see what this upcoming weekend has in store for us!

Fake Snow... too bad its just drizzle

The food was yummy to thee last drop!

PaisleyPrintDress: Unknown/ BlackMotoPleather: H&M/
CottonCircleScarf: AmericanApparel/ BlackBowBooties: CathyJean
RedOversizedFlapPurse: MarcByMarcJacobs

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