Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 2 Continued...

Wockanos, Pasadena

Sushi at midnight <3

teeney + BeBe

theme of the night??... S T R I P E S

BeBe: PleatherMoto&StripedTunic: H&M/ Denim: Genetic/ BillJeanLoafers: F21

Me: ChocolateBrownPleather: H&M/ BacklessBowedStripedTee: F21/ MustardYellowHighWaistSkirt: Thrifted/ IvorySuedeBelt: Thrifted/ RaspberryPeepToes: JessicaSimpson/ Purse: LVDamierSpeedy20

Marbs: BoyfriendBlazer&PleatherStirrups: F21/ Striped Tunic: H&M/ SkinnyBraidedBelt: Vintage/ FuschiaPumps: SteveMadden

Day 2

Consisted of Vermont Street, thrifting, Americana, Cupcakes and Late night Japanese

Cameras in hand and we're ready to goo!!



Crackinn mural off Vermont Street

The real Marbs + Teeney!!

Lovely Saturday luncheon at Cheesecake Factory, Americana.

Maitais + Strawberry Daiquiri to help us shop more!

The pizza that I didn't finish AND forgot to bring home!... Fail.



teeney + marbs

All in a days worth of shopping!

Crumb Cupcakes!!

Who wouldn't want a Good Guy that's sweet for $3.75?!

Bebe happy with the cupcakes and the end of our shopping day!

More pictures to come of the end of our night at Wockanos

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 1

Travel Buddy/ BFF: Marbs

Waiting to board... e x c i t e d.

Starting our MiniVaycay right!

Thought my luggage was lost!! (luckily it wasn't =] )

Getting ready as soon as we touched down!


teeney + BeBe

Painting the town red

BeBe: PurpleFlowerPrintedTubeDress: Vintage/ PleatherLSBalero: F21/ BlackMaryJaneHeels
: BacklessLaceShress (Shirt/ Dress): F21/ RaspberryPeepToes: JessicaSimpson/ Bag: VintageGucci
Marbs:Faux2PieceDress:Bebe/ TaupeWoodenHeels: F21/ Clutch: Coach

The next couple days...

Hello Lovers and Friends <3

Look forward to the next couple of days! I shall be posting pics day by day of my.... Birthday Week! Honestly, I wasn't planning on celebrating my Joyeux anniversaire but it ended up being a little somethin-somethin each day for little ol'me =]

I feel like the luckiest girl to have such a wonderful Family and thee bestest friends a girl could ever ask for. Thanks again for celebrating with me, OkayLoveYouByee<3

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The tables have turned.

2 weeks, too long! So since Valentines, my MiniVaycay and up to this BirthdayWeek I have a grip of pictures to upload!

Please bear with me loves <3>

In between time, let me introduce one of my devishly handsome brothers. We're quite the polar opposites in fashion, if you can't already tell. He's more classic and I'm... not. hahah =] Well Sundays are usually FamDays and I'm going to start showing you how different us two dress up. Funny, because normally he's more dressed up than me... but not on this particular Sunday! My, my how the tables have turned!

SkinnyJeans: OBEY

VintageWayfarers: Raybans (courtesy of our MotherDearest)

CottonBlueBlazer&PinkPiqueButtonUp: AX


RacerbackBlackSatinRuffleTop: AX

EmpireWaistBelt: Bebe/ CougarRing: F21

HighWaistTrousers: VintageDVF/
RaspberryPeepToes: JessicaSimpson

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Double IceCreams

Mmmm! Went out for a late ice cream run. Grabbed whatever on and ran out to get some of that frozen goodness! Hit up SF's finest ice cream, Mitchell's =] Yummm!...

MultiColoredCoat: Thrifted/
MediumSizedLeatherSatchel: CharlesDavid

IvoryCableKnitCardi: OldNavy/
SunburstCocktalRing: HouseOfHarlow

GoldHeels: Target/ BlackTights

GrayCottonMini: F21

Thursday, February 11, 2010

R.I.P. Alexander McQueen

“Today, the fashion industry has lost a true great.
An icon of all time.
He made all he touched beautiful
and will be desperately missed.
My heart is very much with his family and friends
at this very sad time.”
- Victoria Beckham

Monday, February 8, 2010

Lovely weekend.

Hung out with the family, happened to wear the right color for an additional discount, saw old friends, scored some good deals... =] Had a lovely weekend, hope you all did as well <3

ZipperSkinnys: F21

TaupeRufflePlatformHeels: SteveMadden

BuffaloPlaid: Nordy's

RoseRing: F21

Belt: Thrifted

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Where Wall meets Floor

Random shopping in the evening. Came out with nothing. Almost came out with some shoes... but fought the urge! I can't wait for my mini vaycay in a couple of weeks! I'm planning on thrifting the majority of the time there, therefore... shoes can wait =]

KhakiTrench: H&M

Belt: Thrifted

FloralThermal: Mom's old one

InnerZipperBlackSkinnys: AX

BlackKnightBeanie: Target

LargeBlackHobo: Mango/ RedHeels: Vintage