Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 1

Travel Buddy/ BFF: Marbs

Waiting to board... e x c i t e d.

Starting our MiniVaycay right!

Thought my luggage was lost!! (luckily it wasn't =] )

Getting ready as soon as we touched down!


teeney + BeBe

Painting the town red

BeBe: PurpleFlowerPrintedTubeDress: Vintage/ PleatherLSBalero: F21/ BlackMaryJaneHeels
: BacklessLaceShress (Shirt/ Dress): F21/ RaspberryPeepToes: JessicaSimpson/ Bag: VintageGucci
Marbs:Faux2PieceDress:Bebe/ TaupeWoodenHeels: F21/ Clutch: Coach

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