Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Looky what I found! Upon reading this, I could not help but stare. (yes at my computer screen and yes at work) Anywhoo, the Hellz Bellz blog never fails me on fashion, street, shoes, clothes events etc!

Kinda reminded me of these shoes from the Sea of Shoes blog. They're half mesh and half leather!


Like Beyonce Said....

Like the Independent Lady, Beyonce said....

"If you liked it then you should've put a ring on it!"

I've been catching up on all the episodes I missed on Gossip Girl Season 2... and I can't help but lovee Blair's ring! They mentioned it in the book but I never realized it on her hand in the series. Anywhoo I looked it up to see where you can get it and I found it, but the darned the thing is sold out!! arghh, I'm pretty sure a perusing on EBAy, Amazon, Overstock etc. will help to locate it!
14k Yellow Gold Garnet and Diamond Ring - photo

As I was looking up this ring, I stumbled upon this beauty! Oh, if only I can have it grace upon my finger. haha =P
Rhodolite Garnet & Diamond Ring in 14K Yellow Gold by Designer MICHAEL VALITUTTI
DiamondandGarnet Gold Ring

They also showed this other ring she wore in the show and it's also tres mignon!!


Monday, September 21, 2009

Safari Hunt!


That's something you never hear about! Well it's true. Last Friday has got to be one of thee hottest days I've ever experienced living here!

Luckily for me, I happened to stumble upon ON a day or two before and saw that their Summer apparel was an additional 50% the already marked tags! (FYI- I lovee a good deal especially when I can buy clothes for less than $10. Or even better less than $5!) I snagged a couple of tops for $3.50 and dresses for $5! Mann I went crazyy! But see, Bay Area weather is the exact reason why I don't show Seaonal apparel. A Fall Day can seem like a Summer Day.

Anywhoo on that sweltering Friday, I was feeling quite Safari- like in my Floral print ruffle tiered skirt and WoodButton down Tank. ($3.50!!!) Ohh, SF you never seem to disappoint me <3

photo_1.jpg by you.
ButtonDownTank: ON/ FloralRuffleTieredMini: F21

photo_3.jpg by you.
Belt: Vintage (Courtesy of Moms)/ MustardYellowCardi: Nordy'sBP

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Ughh, not having such a good night.... only way to make me feel better Sex in the City

ehhh, but I def cannot wait for this one!!....

Saturday, September 12, 2009

30's the new 20.

Last night was my cousin's big Dirty 30! Had to dress for the occasion, we were going to a wine bar and from what I remembered... it was a GreatGatsby theme. Soo I opted with this dress (can I just say... I've had this dress since 1999, still fits like a glove!) and a humoungous white flower headband with minimal accessories because the flower really is overpowering.

pinstriped_dress by you.
Black&WhitePinstripedTube: Tailormade dress
Accesories: from the Philippines

pinstriped_purse by you.
Chainlinkedclassicbowclutch/purse: Vintage Ferragamo

pinstriped_back by you.
GraySnakePrintGladiatorHeels: StevenMadden

TOO BAD when I came in, no one was themed. Guess I skipped out on the memo that there was no theme! Soo, took off the headband and carried on with the consumption of fine wine ;]

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I swear.. the things one can find at your average thrift store!! I came upon this Classic Beauty a couple of months of back... I was soo surprised, who would've known a Goodwill would carry such a thing!!

1721 by you.

1722 by you.1724 by you.

1723 by you.
WITH a matching skirt!

Too bad it wasn't my size... =(

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oldy but Goody....

As I was perusing my old pictures (from the days when I wanted to start this blog, but never did...) I happened to stumble upon these babies! These are pictures from, I believe last year. I used to intern for Bastard and Friends and they hooked me up with this shirt! If you know me, then you know that I can't just rock a tee with your average kicks. (although I would lovee too!) Iono, weird I always feel that I have to dress it up somehow.. soo one day shopping downtown I wore the shirt and dressed it up a bit ;P

1741 by you.
BlackLogoB&FTee: Bastard&Friends/ BrownFauxLeatherJacket: H&M
FlowerTieredSkirt: F21

1742 by you.
Belt: Vintage/ PockyPurse: AnimeStore

Sunday, September 6, 2009


My mother once told me that I wore too much animal print. I never thought so untill... I realized that in one week, I really did wear a different animal print each day! Ha, she's good! Oh well, anywhoo here's just a sampling of my animal printed apparel.

1789 by you.
GiraffePrintedShress: Thrifted/ BlueFauxLeatherMotoJacket: H&M
BlackPinStripedMiniVest: F21/ BowBooties: CathyJean
Purse: The usual L.A.M.B
Accessories: Courtesy of Moms HandMeDown

Friday, September 4, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mon Petite Frere

Okay, so he may not be my little brother... but he's still the youngest (and my baby, regardless of how old/ tall he is!) But this guy can suree dress and it def comes in clutch when it comes to letting "Big" sis borrow his clothing! Chillen in his room, I find this blazer! Yes, it was boyfriend fitting and yet petite, the gold buttons also just set it off!... perfect pour moi =] thanks lil BroBro!!!

1782 by you.

1766 by you.
Shoes: Target/ Accesories: F21

1769 by you.
Blazer: Little Bro/ White VNeck: AA/ Jeans: F21


Here's a fellow blogger who also happens to be my cousin! Check her blog out as well =]

J.R. ROFLCopter

1776 by you.
Jacket: Nordy'sBP/ StripedBoatneck: F21

1760 by you.
Shorts: F21/ Purse: BestseyJohnson

1763 by you.
BikerBoots: BCBGirls
These boots are sooo sick! Watch out for them, cuz I'm thinking for taking them out for a joyride myself! =P

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mon Coeur

French <3

I loove the language! I took it for three years in high school and what do I have to show for it? Words that would make about what?... 4 sentences? haha well I still love it and randomly like incorporating into my English language from time to time as well.

Anywhoo, on my usual perusing of blogs I stumbled upon this one!

garance doré

Mann, she's badass! I lovee her sketches, her style and the way she writes! In one of her most recent blogs GAP actually took some of her sketches and made tee's for their newpremium denim line! (which I hope to cop when/as soon as I have the time to actually step into a store) Another reason why I love this girl.. well HELLO! Elle est Francaise et her blog is originally in French but was translated for all the rest of the world to see =]