Saturday, September 12, 2009

30's the new 20.

Last night was my cousin's big Dirty 30! Had to dress for the occasion, we were going to a wine bar and from what I remembered... it was a GreatGatsby theme. Soo I opted with this dress (can I just say... I've had this dress since 1999, still fits like a glove!) and a humoungous white flower headband with minimal accessories because the flower really is overpowering.

pinstriped_dress by you.
Black&WhitePinstripedTube: Tailormade dress
Accesories: from the Philippines

pinstriped_purse by you.
Chainlinkedclassicbowclutch/purse: Vintage Ferragamo

pinstriped_back by you.
GraySnakePrintGladiatorHeels: StevenMadden

TOO BAD when I came in, no one was themed. Guess I skipped out on the memo that there was no theme! Soo, took off the headband and carried on with the consumption of fine wine ;]

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