Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mon Coeur

French <3

I loove the language! I took it for three years in high school and what do I have to show for it? Words that would make about what?... 4 sentences? haha well I still love it and randomly like incorporating into my English language from time to time as well.

Anywhoo, on my usual perusing of blogs I stumbled upon this one!

garance doré

Mann, she's badass! I lovee her sketches, her style and the way she writes! In one of her most recent blogs GAP actually took some of her sketches and made tee's for their newpremium denim line! (which I hope to cop when/as soon as I have the time to actually step into a store) Another reason why I love this girl.. well HELLO! Elle est Francaise et her blog is originally in French but was translated for all the rest of the world to see =]


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