Monday, January 30, 2012

Waking up to this

Woke up this past weekend to beautiful weather! I've found myself covered in tights and boots and layers and layers lately! So seeing the sun I figured, what better way to celebrate such wonderful weather than explore SF and go across the Golden Gate Bridge! How was the weather in your neck of the woods over the weekend? I'm looking at overcast skies at the moment as I type this blog ;[ haha!


- Sweater: Thrifted
- DenimShorts: F21
- Wedges: BetseyJohnson
- CrossBodyBag: Vintage Gucci

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Did you know?

Did you know that our lovely iPhones now have the Blogger app?! So I am typing this via iPhone as we speak! Well then again... I'm pretty slow when it comes to these app things ;P Anywhoo. As usual here's an outfit quickie! It's been raining here and for just about 30 or so minutes I found some clear skies. Hope you're all having a lovely lovely week thus far! Oh and I decided to share some quick snapshots of when I was having a bad day BUT a great hair day (how that works.. .I'm not so sure)

- Pleather: H&M
- ButtonUp: Target
- KnitSkirt: Anthropologie
- Belt: Thrifted
- MagentaHeels: SteveMadden
- Purse: LVSpeedy

- Top Ring: Momma's College Ring
- Bottom Ring: HOH1960 SunburstCocktail Ring

Monday, January 16, 2012

Let's play

Hola! Let's play catch up ;]  Within the past couple of weeks I must say I definitely kept my New Year's resolution, as general as it may be.... (BTW- my resolution being, Not to be Lazy) And as much as it's been fun, it's been tiresome as well! There's def More hanging out with friends and family > Being a homebody and staying in. More being tidy and getting things done > Leaving things out to pile up.
 And those are just some examples,so far so good 2012! Well here's wishing you all a lovely week ahead of us <3

oh IG, i Heart thee! come see me for my updated outfits and pictures!

 My first outfit for 2012
- Maxi (possibly my new fave!): Anthroplogie
- WedgeBooties: JC Zups
- CrossOverBag: Vintage Ferragamo

Friday, January 6, 2012

Blast from the Past

Blast of snaps taken from the last time I blogged! Basically the following occurred:

* Cookie Partayyy! *
* Christmas Eve *
* Christmas Day *
* Pre- New Years' Eve *
* New Year's Eve *
Bye Bye 2011.

Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday!! I loved reading everyone's recap blogs <3 Anywhoo, got my first outfit of 2012 as well, will be posting ASAP! It's barely been a week into the new year and time's flying by sooo quickly!

- teeney

- TribalPrintDress: MP + JessicaSimpsonBowHeels + HandmadeHeadBand: Gifted by my twin Bffs

- LBDStrapless: H&M + RoseWedges: GiftedBetseyJohn

- SheerFloralPrintDress: Gifted (by the mbff too! scoreee) + Wedges: JeffreyCampbell

- SeeThroughGoldDress: Gifted (by another mbff!!) + Heels: L.A.M.B

- SheerAbstractPrintTop: Anthropolgie + BlackRuffleBackSkirt: MP + PatentLeatherHeels: SteveMadden