Monday, November 21, 2011

Tis the season!

Let the Holiday parties begin! Gobble-Gobble Day's just around the corner and with that come the next couple of weeks of Holiday Parties! I recently just started mine with my Jam's Pre-Holiday Company Party for TuneUp Media! They're a local Bay Area Company,
and may I say can throw a pretty Crackin' Party!

From an open bar, mini logo cupcakes, party location [which is actually their office location as well!], BizMarkie spinning on the one's and two's... who could as for more?!

- RainbowBubbleDress + ZipperBelt: AX
- SuedeWedges: DolceVita
- Clutch: Marc by MarcJacobs

- DeepVShirt: AX
- Pleated Skirt: F21
- Vintage Belt: Thrifted
- Clutch: Vintage Gucci
- Heels: LAMB

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Do YOU know what today is?!... only the PREMIERE of



Got tickets for the midnight premiere, wore this to work to show off my excitement!! Possibly gonna change into my other iLoveEdward shirt for tonight! You can catch me there with my Edward Blanket!... Yeeeee!

- iLoveEdwardBurnOutTee: BP Nordy's
-SweaterVest: F21
- RippedDenim: BlankDenim
- BraidedBelt: ON
- KneeHighBoots: CathyJean

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Racks on rack on racks.

How I didn't hear about this sale, I'll never know!
Either way my girl, Kris, told me she went, told me her deals so you know I had to check this out for myself! There were a lot of reviews of people saying they couldn't find anything, it wasn't worth it etc. etc. BUT if you're like me and LOVE a good deal, a couple hours scavenging through racks and racks of cheap American Apparel apparel is wayyy worth it!

- Striped Tee: $12
- Hooded Scarf: $10
- Sheer Scarf: $8
- Drape Skirt: $3
- Hosiery: $6
- Puppy Tee: $3
Grand Total: $42

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Finally feeling it

I can finally FEEL it.... Fall is in bloom! I know everyone's been anxiously awaiting the fall weather to go with the fall apparel, but I honestly haven't felt it till this weekend! What better way to celebrate that feeling than with some Philz Coffee?! Heard and saw a lot about this place and thought to give it a try ;] gotta admit it's def as good as everyone says. I told the lady what type of coffee I usually get and she made something to my liking, now that's what I call service!


- Striped Tee: MP
- Mini: F21
- Belt: ON
- Scarf: My Daddy's ;]
- BF Cardi: H&M
- Wedge Booties: ModCloth

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Good Deal.

Normally like a lot of other fellow bloggers, my weekends are booked weeks in advanced full of birthday parties, get togethers, dinners, lunches... you name it! On those random days off I still find myself with a planned day. But on this one Saturday, we found ourselves with no plans. Thus the sun served a great day on a beach full of playful doggies, journeying across a bridge for some ice cream (Fenton's, it was featured on the movie UP) and a pleasant surprise of a thrift store right down the street (Mercy Vintage)

Knit Sweater- $9
VintageHighWaistLeeDenimShort- $6
New Outfit total: $15

BubbleDress: AX
VintageGucciClutch: Momma's
FlowerWedges: BetseyJohnsen

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sibling Rivalry

Painted the town red one Friday night and enjoyed the company of my brother and cousins. Funny, as we were leaving we decided to take pictures and saw how different the personalities of our families run. Either way, we were looking sharp that night and succeeded in having a blast that night (of which I totally paid for the next day ;[ ).

-ugh, please pardon the poor iPhone picture quality-