Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Racks on rack on racks.

How I didn't hear about this sale, I'll never know!
Either way my girl, Kris, told me she went, told me her deals so you know I had to check this out for myself! There were a lot of reviews of people saying they couldn't find anything, it wasn't worth it etc. etc. BUT if you're like me and LOVE a good deal, a couple hours scavenging through racks and racks of cheap American Apparel apparel is wayyy worth it!

- Striped Tee: $12
- Hooded Scarf: $10
- Sheer Scarf: $8
- Drape Skirt: $3
- Hosiery: $6
- Puppy Tee: $3
Grand Total: $42


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  2. I actually went to the AA warehouse sale too! Are you a SF fashion blogger too?


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  5. Wow that looks amazing!

  6. that's the skirt i wanted! the $3 one...but they didn't have the color i wanted. :( when are we going to hit up thrift stores?!


you're simply wonderful, merci beaucoup*