Saturday, February 26, 2011


Last but not least! My finale/last minute dinner at Bucca Di Bepo! This place is super cool because of how they serve gigantic servings! Really feels like we're having one big family meal! Thanks to all of you for showing up on such late notice! Whoo- Hoo!!!

Mid twenties, let's gooo!!!

PleatherMoto+RuffleAsymmetricalSkirt: H&M/ RuffleTank: ArdenB./ IvoryGoldBuckleBelt: Thrifted/ Scarf: AX/ Purse: LVSPeedy25/ PlatformPumps: SteveMadden

Friday, February 25, 2011

Like fine wine...

Like fine wine, I get better with age... or so I definitely felt on my Birthday! On thee actual day of my birth, after a wonderful pre- birthday dinner he surprised me with Wine Tasting! He knew it was something I've always, always, alwaysss wanted to do! So after a light breakfast we were off to Rombauer!

St. Helena
A cutsie little town with cutsie shops!
And... we're off!
His- Crewneck:Gap/ Denim: Levis/ Beanie: H&M/ Kicks: Vans
Hers: StripedDress: H&M/ Wedges: BetseyJohnson/ Jacket: OBEY Rapture/ Purse: LVSPeedy25

Wine Tasting!

A good day indeed.

Pre- Birthday! Probably, the frosting on the cake (even though I don't really like frosting.. but anywoo)!! The next two posts will show how wonderful my birthday really was and even more so how awesomely wonderful my boyfriend was/is for pulling it all off!! (sorry for the cheesey fest plug... but gotta give credit where it's due!)
Thanks Honu! You're thee absolute Best!

Romantic Candlelit Dinner with Drinks
My Midnight Present
GiftedKeyNecklace: HouseOfHarlow1960

LaceMeshTop: TopShop/ CottonHighWaistMini: H&M/ Belt: MommasVintage/ WinnieThePoohNecklace: Gifted