Friday, February 25, 2011

Like fine wine...

Like fine wine, I get better with age... or so I definitely felt on my Birthday! On thee actual day of my birth, after a wonderful pre- birthday dinner he surprised me with Wine Tasting! He knew it was something I've always, always, alwaysss wanted to do! So after a light breakfast we were off to Rombauer!

St. Helena
A cutsie little town with cutsie shops!
And... we're off!
His- Crewneck:Gap/ Denim: Levis/ Beanie: H&M/ Kicks: Vans
Hers: StripedDress: H&M/ Wedges: BetseyJohnson/ Jacket: OBEY Rapture/ Purse: LVSPeedy25

Wine Tasting!

A good day indeed.

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