Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The following day was Brunch with my BFFs and their significant others. Originally we were supposed to hit up LIME in the Castro, for its atmosphere and of course the bottomless mimosas! But they were booked up to next month! Sooo.. I yelped some other places and found Luna Park, they too have bottomless mimosas!

MaxiDress: H&M/ Belt: LittleBrother's/ Wedges: BetseyJohnson
Funny story about my dress, I bought it about a year ago and never had an occasion to wear it. And yeahh... I think I may have planned this brunch around my dress. Oh well, it was the absolute perfect dress (did I mention it's my fave) with the best of friends on a most perfect day!


My Girls <3


  1. teeny you are just too stinkin cute not to comment on this post! haha, i saw your linky on your facebook & i had to tell you how cutsie you are! =) <3, aubrey!

  2. awwww thanks girl!! hahah i didn't think anyone looked at this! <3 btw, YOU're cutsie ;P

  3. yes ma'am! i lovee blogs, haha.. you should you yourself on chictopia if youre not already w/your fashionista-ness. =)


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