Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gooo Giants!!!

Sooo I went to the Giants game, and being the BIG baseball fan that I am (insert sarcasm) I had nothing to wear! Don't get me wrong, I loveee <3 all my Bay Area sports teams I just don't have much of the attire for going to the games. And since this game was last minute plus I have no black/orange combo I went with black/gray and tan (as a substitute for orange). Anywhoo, $12bleacher seats, crackinnn crowd, margaritas, garlic fries, my cousins and WE WON..... F U N

Hope you're all doing lovely!


- Teeney

Garlic Fries x Margaritas

PurpleCrossbody: ChristmasPresent, idk

MotoSweaterJacket: HellzBellz (SampleSaleCop!!!)

VintageTanBoots: Thrifted/ Tights: idk

yes, my only Giants paraphernalia were the stickers on my face

BTW did I forget to mention we were on TV as well!?

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Red Tags

Because honestly, why pay full price when you can pay 1/5 of the price!

RedTubeDress + TealMaxi: H&M

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Mr. and Mrs.

This past weekend was my brother's wedding. I could not be any more happier for him and my now sister- in- law (love you Diko and Joanie!!) Even with all the ups and downs pre- wedding, everything turned out beautifully. I wanted to thank everyone that made it possible and helped, I loveee you all!

Mann, the bridesmaid dresses! Each of us were to get our own as long as it was pink.... but that was thee hardest thing in the world! Last minute decision had all of us ladies in black!
All good because who doesn't love a LBD
with a touch of pink?!

(missing my brother and other sissy- in- law)

LBD:MP/ BlackSatinPeepToes: CharlesByCharlesDavid

FloralHeadband: F21
(Funny story about my headpiece... I accidentally got the same one as the MOH!! Oops! Sorry Val!)

My LovelyCousins: Mia & Jam

Cupcakes for dayss!

Ring! Ring! Ring!

Mr. and Mrs. Pazcoguin

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coffee/ eating out/ going out/ shopping this week for me!! =]

See you there!!

- teeney

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Friday, July 16, 2010


Wearing another TShirt and Jeans combo, I chose to just match my hat and shoes, a Smurf-esque blue sequin hat and wedges I thrifted from my latest trip to LA. With my Hat and Shoes the same color, I totally didn't even care what I wore for a top and bottom.

SmurfBlueWedges: SteveMadden

Skinnies: F21

StripedTee: H&M

SequinBeanie: F21

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just a few....

of my favorite things from House of Harlow's new collection. Honestly, if I could.... I would post everything! But since I can see how that would be a nuisance to all of you, I won't. I'll jut drool over these lovelies and cry as I plan a way to get these babies to be mine.

We all know my loveee of rings, especially these babies!

As much as I would totally rock these earrings, the color, the shape the size... the everything!! My ears can get quite sensitive to big earrings. (fail)

This necklace so totally rocks! Reminds me of my ring 'cept wayyy cooler.
(Plus I can paste Edward's picture <3 )

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fenced Greenery

Just a random night out on Irving Street in the city. Did a little shopping, some clothes selling and of course some yummy curry!!

BlackPleatherMoto:H&M/ OliveGreenHoodie: AX

DenimShorts: F21/ FloralTattooTights: MP

VintageBlackPirateLeatherBoots: Ebay

MiniHoundsToothScarf: Pop's

DeepPurpleRuffleSatchedl: SteveBySteveMadden

Sunday, July 11, 2010

That kinda day

Definitely felt like it was a Tshirt + Jeans kinda day. I do love my high waist bottoms and since I haven't worn these wide leg jeans in awhile, I decided to whip'em out again! Nothing special about the shirt, and just a necklace I got as a birthday present a couple years ago. Hope you all had a lovely weekend!!

HighWaistWideLegDenim: ON

BlackSlouchyTee: MP

Necklace: OldBirthdayPresent/ OverSizedVintageClutch: Thrifted

ThreeGreenTonedSuedeWedges: H&M

Saturday, July 10, 2010


As promised here are the goods I copped at JetRag from my latest trip to LA. Got to $1Sunday late, but I was still able to get some good deals!

Favorite Piece!
I've been looking everywhere for a dress like this! As soon as I saw this beauty, I could have easily stopped searching through the mounds of clothing... but I didn't =]
Dress: JetRag/ IvoryGoldBuckleBelt: Thrifted/
FuschiaPumps: StevenMadden

And Another One!

The last time I was at JetRag, my bff found my asymmetrical plaid skirt that I love oh so very much! This trip, I found another plaid skirt FTW!!
WhiteSlouchyTee: MP/ PlaidSkirt: JetRag/
PurpleEmpireWaistBelt: F21/ RaspberryPeepToes: JessicaSimpson

Lucky Piece!

Even among all the various plaids in the piles and piles of clothing, I was lucky enough to find this lovely plaid! There were many plaids but most of them were extremely big aside from this one piece.
FavoriteChocolatePleather: H&M/ Plaid: JetRag/ PurpleStretchMini: H&M/ TaupeRufflePeepToes: SteveMadden/ TigerStripedBelt: Thrifted

PhotoCredit: BFFMarbs