Monday, July 19, 2010

Mr. and Mrs.

This past weekend was my brother's wedding. I could not be any more happier for him and my now sister- in- law (love you Diko and Joanie!!) Even with all the ups and downs pre- wedding, everything turned out beautifully. I wanted to thank everyone that made it possible and helped, I loveee you all!

Mann, the bridesmaid dresses! Each of us were to get our own as long as it was pink.... but that was thee hardest thing in the world! Last minute decision had all of us ladies in black!
All good because who doesn't love a LBD
with a touch of pink?!

(missing my brother and other sissy- in- law)

LBD:MP/ BlackSatinPeepToes: CharlesByCharlesDavid

FloralHeadband: F21
(Funny story about my headpiece... I accidentally got the same one as the MOH!! Oops! Sorry Val!)

My LovelyCousins: Mia & Jam

Cupcakes for dayss!

Ring! Ring! Ring!

Mr. and Mrs. Pazcoguin

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