Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pup Day!

Who wants to think of a HUMP DAY, when you can have a PUP DAY!!
Lulu and I wishing you all a happy next 2 days until the weekend!

KrisYee BDay

It was my homegirl, KrisYee's birthday!!
(tried to get a picture up with thee bday girl.... but i can't seem to swoop a pic from her snapfish account!)
WHooT!! Happy Birthdayyyy Girllll!!
Went out on a weekday and the usual Good Times with Good Folks took place!

PleatherPowerShoulder: H&M/ Tankini: GiftedFromMarbs/ HighWaistShorts: ON/ Belt: Thrifted/ HeartPatchworkClutch: MarcByMJ/ PlatformPumps: SteveMadden

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Weekend Recap:
Chill, Snuggle, Netflix, Soup

(They apparently think it's funny to mess with me as we take pictures ;P)VintageColorBlockSweater: Thrifted/ FaveZipperedSkinnies: F21/ Belt: Vintage/ PleatherJacket: H&M/ MiniSatchel: L.A.MB.

Monday, March 28, 2011


Whoooo! It's been a little over a month and I still get presents! This lovelyyy purse was apparently bought 3 days before my birthday, came in a week after but was given approximately a month after my birthday! Haha but you know what they say
"Better late than never"
And with such a lovely day, I also happened to have lunch with Marbs today too! And being the busy future nurse she is, gave me my Christmas and Birthday present as well!

Thanks to the bfs Honu (BF- boyfriend) and Marbs (BF- bestfriend) for the belated presents!! Warms hugs and kisses!!

OversizedStripedT: Nordys/ ZipperedMini: MP/ PlatformHeels: SteveMadden/ Jacket: MembersOnly (not pictured)/ Purse: GiftedL.A.M.B


How cool! My purse was seen on Ms. Designer herself, Gwen Stefani! I loveee that she uses her own designs ;D Even more reason to love her and my purse!

Friday, March 25, 2011


Le sighhh... this weather and all these natural disasters can really bring a girl down! I haven't mentioned it, but I am extremely devastated and praying for all those affected by everything that's happening all around the world.
"Can't we all just get along??..."
Well, aside from all that.... its finally Friday!! Things I've thought about on this over cast gray day.
- I miss getting my nails done
(But then again, I hate when my nails get all brittle and messed up from the acrylic)
- I miss dressing up for Spring and getting ready for Summer
(I've been layering and stuck in tights/ minis/ boots/ jeans and sweaters for wayyyy too long)
- I don't really have anything really planned this weekend...
(Hopefully that doesn't mean I won't have any outfits to share with you all!... we shall see!)

And.... that's all folks! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

An example of my layering...
teeheehee BTW I used that VS bag as my lunch bag hahaha

poor babies haven't been able to see out of their box in sooo long!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bi- Rite Creamery

Who wouldn't want some ice cream on a chilly night in San Francisco?! Heard a lot about this Bi- Rite Creamery especially because a lot of people were saying how comparable it was to Mitchell's Ice Cream so definitely had to try it!
My Verdict: Mitchell's FTW!!
Maybe it's because I love Mitchell's KahluaMochaCream oh so very much that brought me to my decision... I don't know! But I did try Bi- Rite's SaltedCaramel and Ricanelas and both we're still pretty darned good!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Runaway Puppy

As we were about to take these pictures, my puppy (btw- she's really not a puppy, she's actually 4 years old now) ran out to join us! Anywhoo, this past weekend was full of FUN! Good drinks and eats and definitely in good company! Life is Good. Hoping you all had a wonderful one as well ;]

Here's to a good rest of the week!

FittedPowerShoulderPleather: H&M/ StuddedPocketTank: MP/ ManLikeTrousers: VintageDVF/ Heels: ColinStuart/ Aviators: RayBan/ Belt: Thrifted

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Oh my...

I know I usually post outfits... but I cannot NOT post this one! In addition to loving clothes and shoes and bags and all that girly stuff... I'm also a sucker for those Stay- At- Home- Mommy type things. Yanno things you see on HGTV (Home & Garden Television) and TLC (The Learning Channel) or anything of the sort. So in addition to all the fashion blogs I follow, I follow blogs similar to those shows. This particular post from Hostess with the Mostess stood out:

Hostess With The Mostess
It's like they read my mind and knew the exact color scheme I wanted for my dream wedding!! Hmmm... a girl can only dream... <333

Friday, March 18, 2011

Darla's Diner

Soooo it was date night yet again! Went to Darla's Diner located at the Inner Sunset of SF, can I just tell you how E X C I T E D I was?! Let me break down why I was so overly excited to go. Darla's Diner was the restaurant based off of my fave game in the world, DINER DASH! (Yes, I'm L7- Square!! haha) Anywhooo, ever since I got my hands on this game I've been wanting to eat at the place that started it all! Unluckily, Darla wasn't there and they're actually gonna close the restaurant ;[ But at least I was able to try it before they closed ;]

Ultimate FAVE
Newest addiction based off the original Diner Dash!

How freakin cute is that?! They give you brownies when you get your check!

SlouchyTee: MP/ PlaidSkirt+Belt: Thirfted/ SnakePrintBowHeels: JessicaSimpson/ WinnieThePoohNecklace: Gifted/ MotoJacket: H&M/ LargeSatchel: MulberryForTarget

Happy St. Patty's Day!!