Friday, March 18, 2011

Darla's Diner

Soooo it was date night yet again! Went to Darla's Diner located at the Inner Sunset of SF, can I just tell you how E X C I T E D I was?! Let me break down why I was so overly excited to go. Darla's Diner was the restaurant based off of my fave game in the world, DINER DASH! (Yes, I'm L7- Square!! haha) Anywhooo, ever since I got my hands on this game I've been wanting to eat at the place that started it all! Unluckily, Darla wasn't there and they're actually gonna close the restaurant ;[ But at least I was able to try it before they closed ;]

Ultimate FAVE
Newest addiction based off the original Diner Dash!

How freakin cute is that?! They give you brownies when you get your check!

SlouchyTee: MP/ PlaidSkirt+Belt: Thirfted/ SnakePrintBowHeels: JessicaSimpson/ WinnieThePoohNecklace: Gifted/ MotoJacket: H&M/ LargeSatchel: MulberryForTarget

Happy St. Patty's Day!!


  1. Is that the new iPad2?

  2. Hii!!! Nope, just the first Gen of iPads! Hopefully can upgrade to the iPad2 soon!

    Thanks for reading!


    - Teeney


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