Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I think...

I think....
1. I need to get rid of these extensions.
2. My bf could possibly be right.
1- My hair color and the extensions are no longer matching and I seem to have given even my fake hair split ends! (wtf, i know right?!)
2- He hates my vest while I love it! It's a sample so no one has it, it's leather so the material is nice AND for $2 from the Bebe Sample Sale, you can't go wrong! Anywhoo, he thought I should take it off, while I thought to keep it on. He may possibly be right because it doesn't seem to picture too well, nevertheless...
- What do YOU guys think??-

ButtonUp: AX/ Vest: BebeSample/ CottonMini: H&M/ Boots: Thrifted/ CrossoverBagClutch: Vintage Gucci

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