Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Opera in the Ballpark

Yes, you heard it! Opera playing at the AT&T Ballpark! It's a pretty cool concept and best part of it... it's free! They played Aida on the big screen and you can pretty much come in and sit anywhere you want. Honestly, not much of an opera person so the first half was used to eat and kick it at the club level of the park. Second half we met up with our friends and got to lay down on the same field the SFGiants play on!!!

Muchies for daysss

Bandjacket+PurpleBandageSkirt: H&M/ FloralRuffleSleevedTee: Nordys/
EmpireWaistBelt: AX/ SnakeSkinHeeledSandals: ColinStuart/ Tote: Gucci

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Good Deals

Did some damage at the mall with the bff, Marbs and boyyy did I have a blast! Good/deep girl conversation (about how boys suckkkk!!!- well not all... but a good amount hahah) while shopping is always fun times! I feel like I haven't splurged in awhile so I thought, "Whatever, why not!" But please do realize that in hand were various rewards coupons/ vouchers to the following: Nordys, Metropark, Victoria's Secret etc! Lucky me... I copped a grip of stuff and honestly I paid just about $60 for items retailing close to three times that! =]

DenimJacket: MyLittleBrother'sHandMeDown/ BrownTee: ON/
GreySkinnyWovenBelt: Thrifted/PurpleBandageSkirt: H&M/ ShinyGoldFlats: Toms
Note about the kicks: It did feel a little weird wearing flats that day, but then again we were
shopping and it definitely came in clutch as we roamed
each store

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

My boyfriend....

Sweater!! Not like any boy would actually wear a sweater like this though! (given the diagonal print and open knit holes) Haha, at least not a boyfriend of mine!! ;P Anywhoo, I lovee the big frumpy feel of it, almost as if it really did belong to a boy! Thinking I should prolly go thrifting for some more! But next post I'm hoping that it would look more like a Grampa sweater so that I can call it the Grampa sweater instead hahaha!!

BFSweater: AX/ BlackTights/ SnakeskinHeels: ColinStuart/
CrossbodyBag (turned to clutch) VintageGucci

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Patterns and Things

Yessss, another post with my beloved knit pink beanie, FTW!! Haha it's just really been that cold in the Bay Area! Anywhoo, I feel like people don't normally like to mix up patterns, but I on the other hand... don't care! I say Embrace Your Patterns- Stripes, Plaid, Gingham, Hounds Tooth etc! I paired my purple plaid jacket with my dad's black/white hounds tooth scarf and I love the way the patterns don't match up!

PlaidHoodJacket: BPNordys/ Black&WhiteHoundstoothScarf: Pops
J21Skinnies: AX/ PinkKnitBeanie

BTW- I think this puppy needs a haircut ;]

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Had a simple night- quick run to the mall for a jacket he HAD to have, spaghetti night with the family, little bit of Giants baseball with Pops, and lots of HGTV, Keeping up with the Khardasians and VH1 Undateable.

Happy Hump Day!!

MoufpieceCrewneck: HellzBells/ BlackCottonMini/
SideFloralTattooFishnets: MP/ VintageTaupeBoots: Thrifted

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Hello, weekend.

ATTENTION: I will officially have my weekends back! Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed working my weekends helping people shop, dressing them up, dressing up for work and of course just meeting people... but I feel that some ME time was necessary. One thing's for sure, I am definitely looking forward to spending my weekends doing...
absolutely nothing, strolling through a park, having breakfast/lunch/dinner/brunch/ every other meal in between, early morning shopping, thrifting, spending time with my family, friends, Honu and everything else in the world! Anywhoo, thanks for the experience but for right now it's Au Revoir!

BuffaloPlaid: Paul&Joe for Target/ RedSateenSkirt: F21/
Belt: MomsVintage/ TaupeRufflePeepToes: SteveMadden

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Night Blur

Taking these pictures helps me to realize some things.
1. I need to learn the settings on my camera.
2. My hair is a hot mess and needs a trim/ bang trim/haircut, new color.... something!!
3. My rookie photographer is getting better <3

RainbowKnitSweater: H&M

PlatedLargeHorseshoe: HouseOfHarlow

CopperPleatherJacket: F21

Belt: MyMomsVintage

CherryNecklace: JuicyCouture

MagentaSuedePumps: SteveMadden

StuddedDenim: Blank

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