Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Amelie and Dolls

I took French in high school, but if you ask me how to speak it.... I can only tell you thee most simple of sentences such as, "Hello, I love you."- "Bonjour, Je t'aime." (One of my life long goals is to learn French again.... thinking of pickin up Rosetta Stone for that!) Anywhoo, been itchin on watching Amelie and finally went to Target to get it! It was one of those let's go to Target night runs so I grabbed whatever on and left the house!

Jacket: Nordy's/ VintagePlaid: JetRag/ PinkBeanie/ ZipperedSkinnies: F21
TaupeRuffleHeels: SteveMadden/ Tote: Gucci

- note about these dolls-
As we were taking these pictures all and I mean, ALL of these dolls were going off! It was pretty scary at first (thus the randomly amused/ confused looks on my face in a couple of the pictures)... but after awhile it was pretty funny! We started waving our arms in front of all them and snapped away just for the hellz of it! Oh Target, you never fail to amuse little ol' me =]

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