Thursday, September 16, 2010

Patterns and Things

Yessss, another post with my beloved knit pink beanie, FTW!! Haha it's just really been that cold in the Bay Area! Anywhoo, I feel like people don't normally like to mix up patterns, but I on the other hand... don't care! I say Embrace Your Patterns- Stripes, Plaid, Gingham, Hounds Tooth etc! I paired my purple plaid jacket with my dad's black/white hounds tooth scarf and I love the way the patterns don't match up!

PlaidHoodJacket: BPNordys/ Black&WhiteHoundstoothScarf: Pops
J21Skinnies: AX/ PinkKnitBeanie

BTW- I think this puppy needs a haircut ;]

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