Friday, September 24, 2010

Good Deals

Did some damage at the mall with the bff, Marbs and boyyy did I have a blast! Good/deep girl conversation (about how boys suckkkk!!!- well not all... but a good amount hahah) while shopping is always fun times! I feel like I haven't splurged in awhile so I thought, "Whatever, why not!" But please do realize that in hand were various rewards coupons/ vouchers to the following: Nordys, Metropark, Victoria's Secret etc! Lucky me... I copped a grip of stuff and honestly I paid just about $60 for items retailing close to three times that! =]

DenimJacket: MyLittleBrother'sHandMeDown/ BrownTee: ON/
GreySkinnyWovenBelt: Thrifted/PurpleBandageSkirt: H&M/ ShinyGoldFlats: Toms
Note about the kicks: It did feel a little weird wearing flats that day, but then again we were
shopping and it definitely came in clutch as we roamed
each store

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