Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mon Petite Frere

Okay, so he may not be my little brother... but he's still the youngest (and my baby, regardless of how old/ tall he is!) But this guy can suree dress and it def comes in clutch when it comes to letting "Big" sis borrow his clothing! Chillen in his room, I find this blazer! Yes, it was boyfriend fitting and yet petite, the gold buttons also just set it off!... perfect pour moi =] thanks lil BroBro!!!

1782 by you.

1766 by you.
Shoes: Target/ Accesories: F21

1769 by you.
Blazer: Little Bro/ White VNeck: AA/ Jeans: F21


Here's a fellow blogger who also happens to be my cousin! Check her blog out as well =]

J.R. ROFLCopter

1776 by you.
Jacket: Nordy'sBP/ StripedBoatneck: F21

1760 by you.
Shorts: F21/ Purse: BestseyJohnson

1763 by you.
BikerBoots: BCBGirls
These boots are sooo sick! Watch out for them, cuz I'm thinking for taking them out for a joyride myself! =P

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you're simply wonderful, merci beaucoup*