Friday, August 28, 2009

Wolf Pants??

Random title for this entry?... yes, I know. haha Well I am currently obsessed with TWILIGHT and when I was thinking of this entry you know I had to tie the two together!

Lately I've been really into the whole thrashed/ destruction/ ripped/ holey jeans scene. (See, it's like when Jacob and clan become werewolves and rip their clothes off! Hello, Duh!) I seen it on a couple of celebs and at the storee... but I'm afraid I wouldn't know how to wear them. Do you... dress them up, dress it down and/ or how would you tweak it so it's both?! hmmm... only way to find out is to get a pair myself!


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Taylor Momsen And Her Sexy Ripped Jeans
Taylor Momsen

Rihanna in ripped jeans

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