Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The tables have turned.

2 weeks, too long! So since Valentines, my MiniVaycay and up to this BirthdayWeek I have a grip of pictures to upload!

Please bear with me loves <3>

In between time, let me introduce one of my devishly handsome brothers. We're quite the polar opposites in fashion, if you can't already tell. He's more classic and I'm... not. hahah =] Well Sundays are usually FamDays and I'm going to start showing you how different us two dress up. Funny, because normally he's more dressed up than me... but not on this particular Sunday! My, my how the tables have turned!

SkinnyJeans: OBEY

VintageWayfarers: Raybans (courtesy of our MotherDearest)

CottonBlueBlazer&PinkPiqueButtonUp: AX


RacerbackBlackSatinRuffleTop: AX

EmpireWaistBelt: Bebe/ CougarRing: F21

HighWaistTrousers: VintageDVF/
RaspberryPeepToes: JessicaSimpson

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