Friday, October 8, 2010

Surprise Chowder

Here's a random Friday night from a little while ago; a night from having the weather go from being super Hot to super Not. And definitely a good night to chow down on some good'ol clam chowder! Which is where I was taken as a surprise dinner! (I loveee surprises and he's definitely good at giving them ;] ) Went to Sam's Chowder house in Half Moon Bay and loved it! As soon as you enter a band was playing, the service was good and the food yummy! Then just watched a dvd and called it a night! Let's see what this upcoming weekend has in store for us!

Fake Snow... too bad its just drizzle

The food was yummy to thee last drop!

PaisleyPrintDress: Unknown/ BlackMotoPleather: H&M/
CottonCircleScarf: AmericanApparel/ BlackBowBooties: CathyJean
RedOversizedFlapPurse: MarcByMarcJacobs

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