Friday, July 17, 2009

Oh how I miss thee

ACRYLIC NAILS!! Can I just say how much I miss getting my nails done!! The process, the countless number of ways you can design nails, the feel, the touch, the attitude you get when you have them haha! Sigh...

IMG00035-20090318-2223.jpg by you.IMG00022-20090309-2252.jpg by you.IMG00094-20090521-1158.jpg by you.
Nails Did Courtesy of Golden Nails, SF

The down fall... the wreck you get left on your now poor delicate natural nails. =( But hey it was good while it lasted right?!

I saw these online and thought they were cute too!

Courtesy of My Girl, Jenna Marie

Who knows, I might get them
did again!

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