Sunday, April 18, 2010

Playing Dress Up, kinda.

So rather than trying on my clothes to play dress up, I just thought of'em. Sucks cuz I've been soo busy that I seem to have neglected some of my more crackinn outfits! These babies for example are just wasting away in the closet! Hmmm.... where to next? <3

TaupeRufflePlatformHeels: SteveMadden

Belt: Momma's Vintage

MiniHeartPatternedGoldChainPurse: MarcByMarcJacobs

Super excited about this romper! I copped it from
Steph's Closet
she has the illest vintage threads and at a great deal too!

Thinking about wearing this to a babyshower??
(yes, yours Ivy and Herbie =] haha)

PatentLeatherTStrapHeels: "WildDiva"

SnakeSkinPatternedMaxi: Bebe

Again, the back of the dress is what got me!

VintageGucci: Thrifted

Not sure when I would be able to wear this... but best believe I will def find one!


  1. That turquoise jumper is AMAZING!!! I want to see an outfit post with it, I also love the grey heels you've put with it ;)

  2. haha wear whatever you want. you always look hot!


you're simply wonderful, merci beaucoup*