Thursday, April 25, 2013

Art Attack

Oh the wonders of IG !! Not only do I enjoy scrolling through pictures of friends' daily lives, ootds, food, travels, fashion, beauty etc. etc. I def enjoy the social aspect of it. Case in point, Christopher's pretty good at his pics and always finds cool events to go to related to IG and located in the Bay Area. This Art Attack show he stumbled upon was no exception! Tucked in the tourist area of Ghiradelli Square/ Fisherman's Wharf area is an art studio beneath-a- house- in- a- garage (that's a crazy description, yeah i know).

Checked it out, here's my simple review:
- free
- fun
- cool vibe
- cool people
- free alcohol

Blouse: Anthropologie | Circle Skirt: Tobi | Pumps: Steve Madden

1 comment:

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