Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bird- like Colors and Things

WallColor- Canary Yellow
AsymmetricalCutStrappedDress- Robin Blue
Caged Heels- Some type of Brown Bird! haha =P

Went to a friend's wedding over the weekend and like every other function, had nothing to wear! I was going to play it safe and wear a little black dress, but (as we were waiting for our nails to dry) the lady at the nail shop advised me to do otherwise. So as I looked further into my closet I stumbled upon this lovely Blue frock. =] I got this dress a pretty long while ago. My BFF, Na, works at Bebe Corp. and invited me to join her for the sample sale. Long story short.... ended up coppin this dress for $2!!!

AsymmetricalBlueDress: TaraSubkoffForBebe

BirdNecklace: F21

WhiteDove2FingerRing: F21

Def not your little black dress!

CagedAnimalPrintHeels: Paolo

Ahh! Loveee the back of this dress tho!


  1. That color look stunning on you and the dress fits perfectly!! You have an amazing body and I love the strapy-ness of the shoes that reflect the straps on the dress as well!

  2. Omgoodness, you are way too kind! Thanks for all the love <3

  3. loooove that dress on you... such a gorgeous color!

    anyway, I've recently started a blog (it's 3 weeks old) and would love it if you dropped by and checked it out. <3

  4. that was to MY wedding you wore that too and you looked hot!!! why do you run away from the boys?! haha i dont even know how i wound up on here but i love your blog teeny!

  5. Omg i love the colour and cut of that dress! Gorgeous

  6. Thank you, thank youu!!!

    haha and yes, Ivy I definitely wore this to your wedding =] and... boys are scary! cant wait to watch the DVD! haha


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