Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year Vintage

Happy New Year! Not gonna say lame excuses as to why I've been lagging. (but if you do want to know why check out the other blog!) Anywhoo here's my first vintage cop of the new year!

As I was on my lunch doing the daily thrift at the local spot, I thought I was going to walk out empty handed... and as I was walked out with dismay on my face; I saw these shining beauties! Almost like Midas touched gold =]


RacerbackBlackSatinRuffleTop: AX

MustardYellowHighWaistSkirt: Thrifted

IvorySuedeGold/WhiteBuckleBelt: Thrifted

LongGoldChainCharmedNecklace: F21

BTW- I decided to show more of myself in the pics, I used to be embarrassed but whatevs- Carpe Diem!

P.S.- my photographer, M is thee most kickass person everr!! Loveee her to death <3


  1. We should just have an Evangelista Cousins fashion blog! Checkout mine on tumblr,

  2. haha we should! we should! well Jamie and i tried... but didnt work out too well =/ yours is really cutee!!


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