Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yes, we're open.

Here's the usual Sunday post (on a Thursday haha)! But rather than mon frere, I decided to use my favorite cousin ;]

Kicks: JordanAqua8s

Denim: Levi's

SlateGrayPurpleStripedButtonUp: BenSherman

GrapeVNeckSweater: Zara

Such a typical outfit for this guy. Honestly, he's one very well dressed guy. He can take a pair of kicks like NikeDunks and/or a pair of J's and dress it up. This guy also likes to accompany me when I thrift too, definitely can't get mad at that! =]

HeatherGrayVneck: F21

Belt: Vintage (mom's)

WoolPlaidAsymmetricalSkirt: $1ThriftedfromJetRag

Funny note about this skirt...
I'm wearing it backwards! I like the different cuts, but thought it looked better in the back!

RaspberryPeepToes: JessicaSimpson

I'm backk, no more delayed posts!... I hope ;P


  1. love it, so perfect

  2. yayy you're using the skirt :D

  3. I am ob-freaking-sessed with your haircut! It looks amazing on you. I'm going to have to save an image of you somewhere because I need this haircut fitted for my Red Queen sized head!!


you're simply wonderful, merci beaucoup*