Friday, December 10, 2010

The Evergreen State

I'm baaaaacckkkk!!!

Well hello my dear friends! I'm back and boy did I have a wonderful time in the Evergreen state that is, Washington. Yeah, the pictures pretty much explain it all!

Anywhoo, 2 more weeks till Christmas... Can't Wait!!

Helloooo Evergreen!!
(honestly, my outfits were a different variation of this the whole trip!)
I tried to dress as comfortably and warm as possible!
Jacket: ObeyRapture/ LightCottonCardi: GAP/ ScrunchSleeveTee: Nordy's/

BlackSkinnies: AX/ Belt: LittleBrother's/ ThighHighBoots: CathyJean

Pike's Place
The cutest little things I saw strolling around Pike's Place!

1St Starbucks... EVER

I'm such a sucker for Vendors and Crackin art!

The freshest of the fresh. Like really, FRESH

Space Needle

Bikini Bottom Cafe
Sooo aside from being known as the Evergreen state, Washington is also known as the Coffee Capital! When we were looking up things to do, they had these things called "Bikini Baristas" So I told the boy that we should check it out! Here's one, it was a drive through and our barista looked like she was from Hooters,
no biggie haha

Definitely on our List of Things To Do when we come back!!

We didn't experience any rain until we left! Lovely.

Byeee Washington, smell yah laters!!!
(possibly Summer 2011!)

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