Friday, August 5, 2011

Mini Burgers and a Borrowed Dress

Down in SD we hit up the Ocean Beach area, totally cool! With all the little shops and bars and restaurants I can see how it's a crackin area for San Diegans. Waited in this pretty long line for a spot called Hodad's, and honestly... the food was def worth it! I ordered the deceiving "Mini" Bacon Cheeseburger, which totally wasn't so mini and didn't get to finish it! Glad I was wearing a Maxi Dress I borrowed from my Sissy- In- Law because I needed the extra room for my full belly to breathe!

Beer in mason jars, how cute! (But as the guys said to say, "It's cool" NOT cute)

- MaxiDress: Borrowed from my Sissy- In- Law
- BambooWedges: JessicaSimpson
- Purse: LVSpeedy20
- Necklace: HOH1960
- ChainHeadband: F21
- Ring: T&Co.

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