Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The New Friday

As taken by my homegirl, Kris... Tuesdays seem to have become The New Friday. Honestly, haven't gone out too much... and the times that I have, happened to be on a Tuesday. What can I say, not too crowded, chill people, cheaper drinks, good buzz (so as not to have a fat hangover the next day for work!)... life's good! Anywhoo, have a wonderful rest of the week friends!

Sooo... this is how my skirt looks backwards. The ruffle-v detailing was not cutting it for me in the front. I def like it worn in the back.
Plaid: Thrifted/ MiniRuffleSkirt: Metropark/ Belt: Momma'sVintage
Pleather: H&M/ Clutch: VintageGucci/ Accessories: Everywhere/
RuffleHeels: SteveMadden

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