Monday, January 24, 2011

Mini- Tahoe- Fun In The Sun- Weekend- Getaway!

A picture by picture of our
Mini- Tahoe- Fun In The Sun- Weekend- Getaway!

On the way there!
(kinda reminds you of Forks, WA)
Definitely gotta do the makeup on the way there, 6am is just way too early too function.
BTW- Check out this Preggo's blog!
It's great for all you soon to be moms <3
S N O W!!!
Two places at once! Just cross the street and we were in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada!
Complimentary drinks and snacks provided by the hotel =]
Layers and layers and layers and Uggs for the weekend
Typical His and Hers
One of thee outfitsPlaid: Thrifted/ FloralThermal: Momma'sVintage/ Parka: H&M/
Hoodie: AA/ Skinnies: AX/ Rainboots: Borrowed


Until next time kiddos, love yah!
- Teeney

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