Friday, January 21, 2011


Happy Fridayyy!!! Thought to share some information to all my lovely readers out there <3. First and foremost a big Thank You for reading and joining in my life of what I call Fashion Fun!
Second. I've gotten a couple questions on what type of camera I use...

Ta Daaaa!!! I honestly don't know what kind of camera it is... I know it's a Kodak of some sort. Honestly, my dad thought this camera broke and forgot about it. I needed a camera (so as to start this blog!) and thought to play with it!... Whadayaknow... it works! My description of it? A Hybrid between an SLR and a Point and Shoot. I'm not too good at the settings nor am I at editing photos, or even knowing what kind of camera it what you see is what you get! Vague, yeah I know... sorry!
Third. My pictures are taken by a variety of people. The Boy helps me a majority of the time (Thanks babe!) Jam and I like to take them whenever we're together. Marbs, because she's thee bestest friend a girl could ask for... and even Reese my co-worker who normally takes pictures of food, has helped me out before too! Thanks ya'll!

Anywhoo! Heading out for a snow date this weekend! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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