Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sunday Funday

I loveee me my some of my Sunday Fundays! This past weekend was no exception! Had thee absolute best lunch with the fams! There were 15 of us randomly cozied up with tables and tables of yummy Thai Food!

My little twinny twin (who looks oh so excited to take a picture with his fave Aunty!)
My Absolute Favorite Cousin
Cardi:BenSherman/ Tee:Bape/ Denim: Levi's/ Kicks: Jordan1s/ Beanie: NikeSB/ Watch: SolarGShock/ Shades: MosleyTribes
-How he's wayyy more fitted than me, I'll never know... hahah jk! Love you cousin!-

MotoPleather+StripedScunchedDress: H&M/ SnakePrintBowHeels: CollinStuart/ Purse: GiftedL.A.M.B

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