Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Reminiscing of warner days

This dreary + confusing weather has got me reminiscing of warmer summer days. I purchased these vintage high waisted Lee denim shorts some time ago and been meaning to destroy them (fashionably, of course). Due to my worrisome-ness... I was too chicken to have scissors touch these classic beauties! ::le sigh:: oh well! There's always next Spring! Knowing random Bay Area weather maybe we'll have a peak of sunshine before then  and hopefully I'll have a DIY for you guys =)

- Floral Bandeau:
- Vintage Denim High Waisted Shorts: Thrifted Lee Shorts
- Wedges: Adorable LAMB Wedges
- Purse: Vintage LV
- Vintage Gold Chain + Vintage Belt: My Momma

.pics taken by @daylachris.


  1. Great outfit! Looks like summer over there. So far, it's been quite cold over here, so I've been having to wear winter/fall clothes.

    crystal dots.

  2. love your outfit :)
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