Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ActiveDuty + Shabu

It's here!! Or at least will be.... F A L L. A new trend emerging from various stores and designers is Military. At the store I work at it's called, Active Duty. I likeeee it! The neutral tones, the buttons, the hardware on clothes, the.... everything! Anywhoo, had dinner for a friend's birthday at Shabu House, All you can eat kobe beef and all you can drink, definitely cannot beat that. I did my own little twist of Active Duty that night, I made it a little girly ;]

mmmm, all you can eat!

BirthdayGirl: JennLove


And because I didn't take pictures of the outfit, I guess pictures with my bff, Fleric will do! =]

RuffleSleeveDoubleVTop: AX/ ArmyGreenPencilSkirt: H&M/
Belt: Thrifted/ SnakeSkinPlatformSandals: ColinStuart

- Teeney <3>

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