Friday, August 27, 2010

Short and Tight

Vegas style dresses = short and tight! These are the kind of dresses you don't wear to your average clubs and these are also the kind of dresses where pasties, double- sided tape and no seam panties are a must!

Round 1
Me- 2ToneBacklessHalterDress: MP/ RedLeopardBowSandals: JessicaSimpson
Marbs- PinkRuchedTubeDress: H&M
/ TaupeStrappySandals: F21
MarTeeney- Accessories: F21

Night #1: Surrender at Encore, Viva Las Vegas

Round 2!
Me- HoleyLeopardDress: Wetseal/ RaspberryPeeptoePumps: JessicaSimpson
Marbs: RuchedMetalGoddessDress+CagedHeels: F21
MarTeeney- Clutches: Coach

Night #2: Haze at Aria City Center, Viva Las Vegas

Eye'll see yah later!!!

- Teeney
oh and Marbs too!

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  1. yeah that's what my vegas outfits look like too! :P


you're simply wonderful, merci beaucoup*