Thursday, August 26, 2010

On a Jet Plane

Last day and the BFF, Marbs and I are leaving on a Jet plane. Sucks, because we were the first ones to leave! But duty calls and on the day we left- clothes needed to be sold and weddings to be attended to. Well here's our last day at the airport, slept for a handful of hours and we still managed to dress comfortably but cute =]

Hers and Hers

Starbucks: MarbleLoaf+SoyWhiteMochaWithWhip

WhiteTube: H&M

ScarfSkirt: HellzBellz
(I copped this skirt at the sample sale and LOVE it to death, been trying to find the best time to wear it... but honestly couldn't find one so I decided to be like Nike and Just Do It. What's even more crackin about it is the fact that it was the last one at the SF Sample Sale! Lucky, lucky me!)

- Random note about this skirt:
The parking attendant said I looked like I was wearing a picnic table!! Ohh well!

ahhhhh LOVE it!!!

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